Prince Harry and normality.

So Prince Harry has been on active service in Afghanistan, good for him, however, according to the Guardian he thinks that being on active service is about as normal, as his life is going to get. I wonder if he actually prefers active service, to his royal duties, must be very difficult, because in reality, he is a target for terrorists on a day-to-day basis, something that perhaps many people forget. The only difference the secret deployment really makes to him is the fact that everybody round him is a target as well. They get to step into his shoes not perhaps exactly how they would wish to compare lifestyles, but nevertheless it may give many more people than normal an insight into the pressures of being a member of the Royal family.

Not every aspect of a leap year is good fun. A couple of stories below, to point up the less comical side.

Learners Permit to drive a car
When I turned 16 we lived in a small country town and it was possible for me to sit for my Learner’s Permit to drive a car.
I arrived at the Police Station to sit my test (very nervous) and the Police Officer proceeded to fill out the necessary forms,
asking me my name, address, d.o.b etc. When I told him my date of birth, he stopped and thought for a moment then
said, “I’m sorry but you are too young, you’ll have to come back in the year 2016”. Being used to all the practical jokes
every 4 years played by my mother I looked him in the eyes and said to him “my mother has rung you hasn’t she?”.
He couldn’t keep a straight face and confessed. I passed my test too!!

Security Risk
We were on a Cruise in the Baltic Sea when September 11, 2001 happened. All flights had been cancelled to get back
to the states. When it was time for us to return home, of course, the airports were a mess. Security was at high alert
and the lines were incredibly long. To make matters worse, Gary shows up with a February 29th birth date and for some
unknown reason, the computers in Europe would not recognize this date. He was considered a security risk. They could
not get a boarding pass printed for him so they had to manually write one up. It was very stressful and we were afraid we
were going to be stranded even longer. After a couple hours it all worked out and he was able to board the plane.
Such is the life of a leaper!

Happy 29th of February, and any lady who intends to pop the question. Best of luck.

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