Wendy Alexander lets it all slip slowly away.

A Sunday Times poll yesterday revealed that the Scottish National party have opened up record lead over Labour party, the poll put the SNP at 39%, with Labour a full eight points behind with 31%, the Scottish Conservatives just piping the Liberal Democrats 15% to 12%. This widening gap appears to be down to Alex Salmond’s popularity with many Scottish voters, it is certainly true that Wendy Alexander, has the appearance of an oarless rowing boat floundering about on a rather choppy sea as, once again, she is under fire over her expenses claims during the campaign for the Labour leadership in Scotland.


Although the sums involved have not been large, it certainly seems to leave most voters thinking that the Labour Party, unable to organise their own local finances are hardly likely to be trusted with the finances at Hollyrood. None of this will help the Labour Party which still seems to be winded from their recent defeats. While the SNP enjoying basking in the sunshine of the Scottish electorate’s trust, they are a minority government and may struggle to get some of their policies through, we must always remember Alex Salmond is certainly not above blaming the other parties for any future mess  If they fail to vote through SNP policies, which he will no doubt claim would have been the cure all that Scotland needed, our Eccy will switched back to rottweiler mode, and simply tear Wendy apart, heaping the blame in shovelfuls on the Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties.  Any manure he shovels over the Greens will no doubt be interpreted as a pat on the head.


Were Scotland to vote again tomorrow and follow faithfully, the recent poll, the SNP would have 57 seats still not a majority government but 13 more than Labour’s 44 and perhaps signaling the death knell for labour’s historic easy ride with the Scottish voters. The electorate of Scotland seemed to enjoy the idea predicated by the new minority government, that Hollyrood should put Scottish affairs before those of the rest of the UK, who knows, maybe Westminster will notice and take heed although with Mr Darling and Mr Brown and under fire at the moment I rather think that Scotland is low down in on their list of priorities.

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