A true Scottish community approach.


I just stumbled across an article in the Scotsman today headlined

‘Scotland cannot prosper while Westminster holds the purse strings’ written by Geoff Mawdsley a founder member of Reform Scotland. His argument runs that by cutting taxes and driving efficiency reform in our public services we can drive our growth rate in Scotland from 1.8% a year to 3.5% a year. This think tank is billed as being right wing however having perused the reform website it seems a little less right wing and much more thoughtful and practical than a simple right of centre approach. An article by Dave Thompson again published in the Scotsman although on the reform site at.


It points to a more levelheaded and co-operative approach.

One quote the particularly struck me,

‘ I think there is a huge opportunity to change Scotland for the better over the next few years. Achieving that requires an openness to new ideas and a willingness to work across parties as that is the nature of politics in Scotland under proportional representation.’

This kind of thinking reflects what I once hoped was to be the way forward for politics in a devolved Scottish parliament. Unfortunately until this parliament all we’ve had is a mini Westminster with sad and amateur ya boo politics. Even now the Labour Party seems sadly attached to the old ways and methods, co-operation, good sense appear not to exist within their arsenal and because of this they appear like dinosaurs slow to move and practically brain dead.

One final quote, and remember this think tank is driven by businessmen who I am sure will believe the market is the final arbiter of any economic growth.

‘Not surprisingly, almost all business people are interested in how we can improve the performance of our economy. Encouragingly, more and more are recognizing the importance of improving our public services. We all have a stake, as citizens, in ensuring that our educational standards compare with the best in the world, that we have a reliable and affordable health care service, a modern and efficient transport system and safe streets. These issues affect the quality of life of our families and in our local communities.’

If reform Scotland can deliver information and advice while maintaining a caring and thought-provoking agenda they may well become a force to be listen to in Scottish politics.

As soon as I can and I intend to get hold of their report Powers for Growth, which is due to, be published today and will attempt to get it on line for you ASAP.

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