Leith to get state of the art themed walkway.

Due to the number of complaints, the council has received concerning the fact that Leith Waterworld is only open at weekends and impossible to access due to roadworks and barriers strewn all over Leith, they have decided to create new State-of-the-art fun pleasure walkways on Leith walk. They intend to base this theme around Army obstacle courses and have employed a former member of the SAS to ensure that there are no bottlenecks created by the old, the infirm or delivery men. Fortunately; due to the hard work of T.I.E.and their invisible contractors the ground work has already been completed. A council spokesman pointed out that due to the total lack of any timetable for the present work it would be impossible to say how long these themed walks would be available to the public. However he added plans would be posted with the full timetable. At some point, somewhere, sometime and this wonderful walk would in no way impact on plans the for the coastal promenade, which would be with us in the medium to long-term future, maybe, or summin!.

The council representative when pressed for more information pointed out that as this was a new administration and they had hardly had time to work out how to fill in their expense sheets, let alone how to run the city.

6 Responses

  1. …themed walks?

    Good grief.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply, love the self portrait, I think your pics could make the themed walk fantasy look true.

  3. Too cynical . If I didn’t know better I would have thought this was a cheap shot from an old curmudgeon rather than a visionary who can see the whole picture . Get on yer bike . It’s the only way tae get aboot toon.

  4. just tell people whats going on ?

  5. thought you were an SNP councillor, and got that wrong Steve,weebit overlapped to your Labour days there.

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