An invitation for every flag-burning blogger to rant and rave.

Alexander also attacked the SNP government’s “national conversation” – the consultation on constitutional change – by describing it as “an invitation for every flag-burning blogger to rant and rave, blame everything on the English, and all at the taxpayers’ expense”.

Well done Wendy, with the one quote that you have managed to underline the fact that you have a problem with free speech, no understanding of the power of the internet and the fact that most Scots blame your party, not the English for the position we are now in. If you perhaps paid more attention to the comments section of the various newspapers of this country (Scotland) you might have a far better feel for what ordinary people think of you, your party and Labours self-obsessed machinations.

That the Labour Party is in real trouble has been dramatically highlighted by both Wendy Alexander’s speech and Gordon Brown’s performance, albeit without notes, before her. They appear to be fighting a rearguard action, both internally, struggling to reinvent themselves as a party of the people and at Holyrood where the party looks decidedly negative and selfish. While Alex Salmond appears to stride on continually finding ways to invigorate the Scottish psyche, these may be small things like the right to fly the saltire or trying to introduce .sco as an internet address, but these are the small things that make the Labour Party at Westminster look petty when denied and bolster small sparks of Scottish pride when achieved.

The SNP are in the driving seat, and unless Wendy Alexander and her Scottish Labour Party start to look like they are putting Scotland’s interests first, the SNP will continue to run the show.

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  1. Wendy’s invitation has been taken up – with his customary bravura – by Kevin Williamson, a gentleman not unknown in Leith.

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