Return of the body (parts) snatchers.


Urban myth, or the truth, well actually it’s the truth. Burke’s bones will be spinning in their glass case in the surgeons Hall in Edinburgh, over the news that he has lost his number one ranking as top dog resurrectionist. Unlike Burke and Hare no one is accusing Michael Mastromarino of murder, he has been accused of removing body parts from the dead, one of his victims being Alistair Cook, famous for letter from America on the BBC’s radio four. Apparently he has netted a cool $4.6 million with this grisly trade. While I’m all for enterprise and innovation, this dentist, who replaced the bones etc he removed with pipe, and I seem to remember, an umbrella, has somewhat surpassed his predecessors in dentistry. They only removed teeth from the dead to create falsers in Napoleonic times. Mr Mastromarino and his three co-accused are due to be sentenced on the 21st of May and he is expected to get 18 years, he has also to forfeit the $4.6 million, seems reasonable, I wonder who will get the cash.

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