Zimbabwe votes but still no announcement.


As the election results are released in a trickle, 3 for Mugabe 3 for the opposition, 9 for Mugabe 9 for the opposition, can we see a pattern emerging? What is he planning, a classic rig of the or an exit strategy? We can but hope it is an exit strategy and the sooner the better. But if not what will the west do, there’s no oil so probably nothing. 30 years of Mugabe is enough, time for his former comrades in South Africa to step in and take power for the people of Zimbabwe show the west that the people of Africa can sort their own problems. If not it’s the innocents who will continue to suffer.

2 Responses

  1. Is it possible Mugabe and his cohorts are stalling the results while they make a quick exit for fear of being lynched?

  2. Thanks for your comment, and yes I would think its highly likely, probably worth watching the bank transactions, the people maybe starving but he’ll have a stash horded away somewhere.

    Still 12 each out of a total of 210 defiantly dodgey work going on.

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