Precious Personalities

Precious Personalities
I was taken aback by events at Heathrow recently. Not with the fact that the new terminal wasn’t peforming in the way that it should do, or at the expense that it has cost to have the thing put in place. These are seemingly the everyday factors that we have to deal with in our modern society. Overpriced work delivering shoddy quality results is a bit of a norm, and you can guarentee that someone, somewhere is doing very nicely out of it thank you very much.

It was more the reaction that Naomi Campbell had to one of her bags going missing, and then “allegedly” resorting to assaulting a police officer. I am guessing that with all of the pieces of luggage that went astray, or tumbled into the mountain of cases to be sorted, it was assumed by the model that hers would float to the surface with some kind of catwalk protection.

After five days mopping floors at New York airport on her last community service, you would have thought perhaps she would think twice about causing a stink whilst anywhere near the runway. Perhaps her alleged “assault” on the  policeman is a desperate attempt to get into a long term career in the cleaning industry. Swapping modelling for the mop permanently.

I guess what concerned me the most was that there is currently an idea  that as a celebrity its okay to do anything, at anytime to anyone. The sentences handed out seem a lot more lenient than they are for any other member of the public. I can’t see the powers that be having such a relaxed attitude if it had been me and thee that were bopping a bobby over our lost wheelie cases.


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  1. I hope she goes to jail. It’ll be a good lesson for all celebrities out there.

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