Ethnic Media Event Rip off

I just received an e-mail asking if I would like to attend a Guardian media event. This event is headlined Ethnic Media Summit and I quote “ this one-day summit will examine the challenges facing the media industry as it struggles to engage with ethnic minority groups in the digital age”.

There is of course a discount for not-for-profit and voluntary organisations to send a delegate, however £346. 63 not including travel or an overnight stay is probably a little on the steep side.

£364.63 is more than a month’s rent at the community radio station I volunteer with, it’s more than a third of the annual rates bill and to really get down to the nuts and bolts represents a years supply of toner for the printer. These media people have no idea of how difficult it is to raise funds commercially or through grants and funding simply to survive as a voluntary organisations. I think perhaps they need to re-engage with reality rather than ethnic minorities. Perhaps what they really need to do is go out and speak with the diverse minorities of our green and pleasant land and give them a chance to do their own thing in the various media areas this summit it will cover.

Leith FM the community radio station of Edinburgh and Leith has had no trouble attracting Polish, Spanish, Arabic and French programming, Google Leith FM to listen live or follow the link below.

And if anyone would rather give the equivalent of their Ethnic Media Summit fee to an organisation that is having no problem engaging with ethnic minorities, as we see them as equals and assets to the radio station, let me know and I’ll ensure your donation goes somewhere it will be used usefully. Leith FM.

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  1. […] a small point picked up from Norrie, a blogger from Leith FM, a Scottish community radio station. He was invited to the Guardian’s Ethnic […]

  2. Hi

    Just seen this post in response to the ethnic media summit delegate rates.

    Birmingham City University is hosting a conference about the issues of diversity in broadcast journalism and recruitment of culturally and ethnically diverse staff.

    On 14th November 2008 at Birmingham School of Jewellery delegates will hear from Robin Elias, ITN / Cultural Diversity Network, Jim Latham from Broadcast Journalism Training Council and Chris Allen from b:rap.

    The more the merrier and delegate rates are very reasonable.

  3. I saw this ad in the Guardian back then. The heading drew my attention, then at the bottom I saw the admission fee.

    For someone like me trying to go into media startup, 300GBP could get my company registered and fuly branded, maybe through a decent website, and still have some change.

    300 is just too much. This whole think tank is a self contradicting. You want to helpand disasdvantaged section of the community, while at the same time want to milk their hard earned profits.

    In the end I didn’t go.

    Been doing plenty of Google searches on ‘Ethnic Minority, Ethnic minority media” I only came across one article related to the event analysis. Does this mean The Guardian never bothered to give any feedback to the community?

    Thanks for this article.

    • Hi Tau, thanks for your comments and if you find yourself in Edinburgh get in touch. See if we can get you on the air for a little free publicity.


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