Google Google everywhere.

Yesterday and today seem to be dominated by Google, everywhere I turned it seems there is some new Google initiative.  Yesterday was Marc Chagall’s birthday so Google decided to confuse me by changing the Google logo into something that certainly didn’t read Google but was in fact a homage to Mark Chagall. Does this read like Google to you?

Chagall worked a lot in stained glass, so I shouldn’t really complain, it took me back to my stained-glass shadowed days of the Boys Brigade.  Sitting in churches and marching up and down with a silly hat on and in shorts, your parents proudly looking on as their pre-pubescents trained to become cannon fodder in some future conflict. (In the case of the Boys Brigade I presume drowning fodder would be more likely).

PS I was thrown out of the BB’s for smoking, I therefore thank them for my first opportunity to rebel.

Today Google launches ” Google lively” which appears to be version of second life although with less bells and whistles apparently. I may actually try this, but as I struggle to have any life and have no virtual life presence whatsoever don’t hold your breath waiting on reports of what a fantastic or otherwise experience Google lively is.  As a total nontechy I will simply give you a link so those of you with technical bent can make up your own minds about this new world.

And of course the Google promo video.

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