Another Leith Walk Business Closes

Another Leith walk business has closed this week bringing the total for this year to four. I bumped into a friend of mine, Cliff, who is actually one of the unfortunate employees of this business on Sunday and he told me that the tropical fish shop on Leith walk, the Aquatic rooms, has closed its doors due to the dramatic drop in footfall and the difficulties in parking outside the shop. So the trams have put paid to four businesses in four months, which works out at approximately 1 a month, do the math and we are likely to lose 36 businesses over the three years of the tram works.

The trams have the go-ahead but there seems to be little or no thought to how the work is being carried out, perhaps taking the view that being as helpful to local business as possible would be a better way to plan things. Leith walk really is like an obstacle course for both the cars and pedestrians it is past time somebody put a little bit of thought into how to organise the traffic and pedestrian flow to the benefit of everyone.

The Aquatic rooms has moved to new premises in Tranent and some of the staff will move with it, however it’s going to be a bit of a trek for a Cliff as he lives in Lorne Street so if anybody’s got a good job for him, that has nothing to do with TIE as he point-blank refuses to work for them, give us a shout.

3 Responses

  1. So upset to read that Aquatic Rooms has closed
    does anyone know the address of the tranent shop?

  2. Couldn’t believe the wee fish shop is shut . It was more use to me than the tram’s will ever be. Plus there’s no place like it for us hobbiest to go now apart from the dreaded acuatic room’s …..just don’t bother!! Good luck in the new shop guy’s hopefully see you soon

  3. Shame about the Aquatic rooms

    I used to work in Millers flooring just at smiths place I wonder how they are doing during all this work never mind the credit crunch, theve been in leith for 50 + years or more .

    The tram works are a shambles , ive yet to meet anyone who wants it – its a crazy waste of money – they have a vote for a congestion charge but when it comes to spending 100s millions they dont ask us what we think and i doubt it will ever finsihed the way things are going .


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