Goggle Veiw in Leith?

There I was wandering aimlessly down Constitution Street to the corner shop to buy some fags. I spotted a car stopped at the junction of Constitution Street and Bernard Street, with what looked like a 6 inch black pipe sticking at its roof with four contraptions pointing north west east and south stuck on top of it. Did I have a phone camera with me? Yes of course I did, did I think to use it, tno of course not I was in a bit of a daydream. Google view never even entered my mind. However today I’ve seen David Hassall’s picture in the Guardian and the contraption on top of his car looks exactly like the contraption on top of the car I saw. Had I been wide awake I may well have had the first picture of the Google view car in Leith. However dim wit that I am, you’ll simply have to make do with David Hassal’s and I thank him for it.


David Hassall

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