Will Mugabe give way to Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC?

Mugabe handshake

Mugabe handshake

Mugabe about to enter into a two week discussion with Morgan Tsvangirai, two weeks which Mugabe will no doubt drag out six months all the while dictating the actions of the stormtroopers out to crush the opposition. A great deal of almost nervous perhaps hysterical laughter accompanied the handshaking at the press conference a definite fearful edge to it all. Not I think a sign of a good start. Perhaps it was just nerves but Mugabe’s body language certainly made me think of the story of the scorpion and frog, as the frog ferried the scorpion across the river the scorpion turned on the frog and stung him. As the frog was dying he asked “why”? pointing out the scorpion would die too. “It’s my nature” replied the scorpion, and the body language and look of Mugabe gave off that same evil intent as though he was simply waiting to entrap Tsvangirai.

I’ve looked at the memorandum of understanding and have added it at the bottom of this article, there does seem to be some contradictions. Mugabe’s insistence that he is legally ratified as the democratically elected president and allowed to keep the powers of the presidential office appeared to be a major stumbling block. Perhaps all he is now looking for is a dignified and safe way out, no doubt taking with him a few trillion Zimbabwean dollars.

Let’s hope we are now witnessing the endgame and the once fertile breadbasket of Africa will soon be on its way to recovery. Somehow I doubt that Mugabe will let go of power so easily.

Memorandum of understanding

2 Responses

  1. Anything that moves Zimbabwe away from the abyss is welcome, but a deal that is good only for the politicians should be rejected.

    I share your suspicion that Mugabe has signed to release the pressure and give ZANU-PF more time to quietly eliminate the MDC as an organised opposition.

    Reports indicate that top ZANU-PF people are moving millions of US dollars out of the country. Trillions of Zimbabwe dollars don’t amount to much. The largest note in Zim is now Z$100 billion, and that doesn’t even buy three eggs at today’s price of Z$35 billion per egg. By tomorrow, that will be two eggs, and the next day, only one for a 100 billion note. That’s what hyperinflation does to prices.

  2. Thanks for your comment and lets hope Mugabe goes quietly into excile.

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