Did Labour lose or did the Scottish People Win.

Labour’s third safest seat in Scotland fell to the SNP yesterday, and now all the pundits and media sharks are taking a hard look at the Labour Party and in particular Gordon Brown. However, are they really looking in the right place. While the Tories, liberals and Labour parties are all steadfastly sticking to the old politics of perpetual conflict, why I have no idea as the policies are practically identical with tweaks here and there only to appeal to their perceived constituencies. A quiet revolution, perhaps not so quiet after Thursday’s by-election, apparently unnoticed, by huge chunks of the soundbite hungry media is going on. This shift is not really based in Hollywood. It’s based out there on the streets in the constituencies and has been driven by the people, not the parties. I’ve just returned from the corner shop, and a conversation between the lady behind the counter, someone who should be a natural Labour voter, and the shop owner a small businessman, who would once have been a natural conservative. Neither was surprised that Labour lost the by-election nor were they particularly unhappy it. Nor was the discussion about an SNP’s victory, the core of the discussion revolved around MPs pay, how many houses they had and effectively, what a bunch of losers they were. What was really being said was, of all the parties the SNP was least distasteful, perhaps because they had least history on which to base a judgement. However, the SNP by the nature of its agenda, really only have one aim and that is to get independence for Scotland, they are forced by the many and mixed political colours of their party members to make compromise their profession. I believe that by some secret method of osmosis this has been transmitted to the constituencies, and people like the feel of it. If the SNP want the Scottish people to give them a mandate for independence they need to convince the Scottish people that they have their best interests at heart. Not just the working class, not just the business class, everyone, the reds, the greens, the blues and the yellows. They seem to be succeeding in convincing people that they can do the job. However people are much more savvy than either the media or the politicians give them credit for, they know a good thing when they see it. So as long as the SNP are prepared to listen and act on behalf of their constituents, those constituents will make full use of the opportunity both to punish old Labour and to benefit from the position of advantage they finally find themselves in. A government that actually appears to listen to the voters is a rare commodity these days so let’s take full advantage and give them just enough hope of independent that they continue to work for the good of Scotland, and not too much leeway, just in case they forget who they are in power to help. All of us.

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