Same ol’ same ol’Labour summit

Absolutely fantastic news, in answer to their latest defeat in Glasgow East the Labour Party has come up with a sure fire strategy to regain the peak of the Holyrood political Mountain. Yes they are going to hold a summit next month to plot their fightback against the SNP.

George Foulkes is quoted as saying, “The wheels were getting wobbly before the recess and things were beginning to look a bit dodgy for them. When we get back, we’re going to redouble our efforts to make sure we expose their broken promises on student debt, police numbers and a host of other things. We need to be geared up to keep the pressure on.”

So that’s what happened George, the people of Glasgow East obviously weren’t told about the wobbly wheels, but once you get the summit going you will be able to bounce back off the ropes swinging wildly as usual and probably landing a few punches on yourself as is your way. But not to worry if there are lessons to learn from Glasgow East I really don’t think it is more of the same old ya boo politics times ten. Blocking an SNP minority government that is popular is not I fear the road to success the old guard of the Labour Party appear to think it is. The people of Scotland were once promised consensus politics aimed at bettering their lives and those around them, the new Holyrood parliament as I remember was to be a platform to launch a resurgence Scotland with a new politics it didn’t happen it isn’t happening and if Labour insist on plodding the same well worn political road it isn’t going to happen. Shame really some different strategies may have helped but it doesn’t sound like there is a single new thought with the old new Labour.

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