Leith tram works continue throughout the festival.

As many residents of Edinburgh city will be aware there is to be an embargo on tram works during the festival in the city centre.  How ever the main thoroughfare from the city centre to Leith is not part of the embargo and work will continue on Leith walk and indeed outside the Playhouse.  Leith once again is only considered part of the city when they have something to offer, for example paying their rates or when the city fathers need to move Leith’s road cleaning crews to George Street as George Street has the priority.  You would think that perhaps the traders of Leith walk rated some consideration during the spending spree that is the Edinburgh Festival, apparently not.  What do Leith walk traders have to do to get a fair share of the spoils, after all, to date they have taken the brunt of the losses incurred by traders in the city due to the shambolic tram works.

2 Responses

  1. Oh, how true! I am sick to death with all of the bloody tram works going on… It strikes me as a total waste of money, the cheaper option of getting people to the airport would have been a railway spur and station at the airport; oops, I forgot that is not such a sxey project!

  2. P.S. I forgot to say, a great blog and you will be getting a link…

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