Leith Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Cottage

The Botanical Cottage

A little snippet I accidentally came across about the botanic cottage which is situated in Leith walk and was originally part of the city’s first botanic Gardens, which I presume must have been behind Leith walk.  It appears that the friends of Hopetoun Crescent Garden having already been given a grant of £48,500 to research the buildings past, now want more cash from the lottery to dismantle it and move it to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Inverleith.  Now while I can only applaud the wish to save this cottage I do feel that as it is part of Leith perhaps it would be a better idea to keep the building in Leith.  Some time ago there was an idea muted to create a mini botanical garden at St John’s place on the edge of Leith links where the old cinder football pitch is at present.  (The white building that used to be a public convenience and is now used as a changing room can be seen there). If this building has genuine historic value why move it from Leith?  Why not make it the centrepiece of one of the green spaces we are promised are going to be created around Leith, part of the coastal promenade or a centrepiece in one of the new Plazas to be built in the docks. Perhaps this is simply another case of taking from Leith instead of giving to Leith.  If anyone has any other ideas about a use of this historic building (it must be historic after all the lottery gave £48,500 to research its past), I would love to hear about them.  Surely we could make good use of this building who knows perhaps even as a historic Gardening Museum as it seems Leith is not thought to be deserving of any other sort of museum.

3 Responses

  1. It would be worth finding out if this is a listed building, as if it is I suspect that it would not be possible to move it. I have no problem with this beautiful building being preserved and conserved, but for the sake of common sense think about its history; moving it breaks that link and it simply becomes another building to be seen totally out of context… GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

  2. it really should be allowed to stay in Leith….

  3. The other way of looking at this is that the cottage was a part of the original Botanic Gardens, and therefore its spiritual home would be in the place where those gardens now are.

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