Latest News on Radical Leith Action

Flash update resurfacing materials to be delivered at 13:00. Bar-B-Q to be catered by professionals.


Don’t wait for the pics of the transformation come on down and take part.

Leithers Strike a Blow for Freedom

In a glorious attempt to free the Leith carriageways from the shackles of TIE a small band of revolutionaries supported by expert French technicians will attempt to take over one of the roads at present closed by TIE. These undercover French experts who have been slipped into Leith under the guise of chefs etc have been sent by the French government to support the Leith cause under a little-known clause in the Auld Alliance. This clause allows for French mercenaries under the direction of the French government to ensure that all Scottish ports (including air ports) are free for the export of the finest seafood in the world to France . Led by the revolutionary family Moriarity a band of radical  Leithers are prepared to risk their livers in the guise of Sunday afternoon drinkers to undertake this radical action. And what form exactly will this action take, you ask.

A petanque / boules competition will be held at 3 p.m. somewhere near the Port of
Leith bar, if we can find somebody with sand or gravel, ( what you don’t know can’t
hurt you ) if your revolutionary fervor or just plain hatred of TIE is on the boil come
along and help Leithers retake Leith for Leith.

Watch this space for updates.

eBay Will be Death of me

Hi all haven’t had time to do much blogging this last month due to a new project. I am about to attempt to make a full time living from the internet. Well I started about one month ago having spent the previous month trying to import USB memory sticks from China. Customs problems and delivery delays held me up for a couple of weeks and then I was hacked, both my eBay site and the PayPal account. When I informed ebay they promptly took down all my auctions and removed my feed back setting me back about another 3 weeks and PayPal not to be out done decided to hold my payments for 21 days just what I needed. Still seems to be sorted even though eBay have changed all the rules recently, I am begining to wonder if it is all worth it.

If you want to take a look at my efforts the ebay shop is here.

Anyone who has already been down this path and has any suggestions please feel free to contact me, infact anyone please feel free to contact me.

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