Lothian buses to increase their fares

Lothian buses are set to increase their fares, when the proposed route changes and cuts come into effect on January the 18 th 2009. Although at the moment I can get no hard and fast information it looks like the increase will be about 20% across all fare types. This will take a single adult fare to about £1.30, still, probably I would think one of the cheapest fares available in the country. Why the increases, we were always going to end up paying for the huge increase in fuel prices, apparently costing some £4.5 million, of course the disruptions caused by the tram works will have affected the passenger numbers and therefore the income for the bus company. I have no doubt as the trams get nearer to a reality the fares will rise accordingly making sure that the high price of the tram fare does not look so bad in comparison to bus travel.

Regardless of the fare hike I still believe Edinburgh is very fortunate in having one of the best and cheapest bus services in the country and complaining about the inevitable will not help. We should use our buses and support the bus company or we may end up regretting the loss of what is a very, very good service.

PS I have no connection with Lothian buses I just think Edinburgh is very fortunate to have such a comprehensive and, yes even with the fare increases still a very cheap bus service.

One Response

  1. yes edinburgh does have a very good public transport service and we pay for this through our council taxes as well plus any fare increase isnt going to encourage car users to go by bus . all bus and train .fares should be comming down not going up if all the politicians are (serious) about saving the planet and getting people out of their cars. its all about profit and greed .

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