State pupils could go private

UCAS has recently given more weight to advanced higher judging it to be closer to the English A-level as a qualification for university entrance. With this in mind pupils whose schools cannot provide an advanced higher courses in the area they require will need to find teaching for the courses they need from out with their own schools. A report in the Scotsman today here suggests that local authorities are looking at the private sector to provide some of these courses. The suggestion is that this would be a two-way street with teaching venues in both the state sector and the private sector being shared by any pupils who needed the particular course offered. What I find most intriguing about this is the sensible approach, none of the quotes in the article, including one from a Tory party spokesperson, mention placing blame on any other political party or local authority for the unavailability of these advanced higher courses in every school. Amazingly it appears that everyone concerned is looking for a solution, not to score points against any other party. Could this be the future? Could we finally be seeing sensible co-operation aimed solely at finding solutions to our problems? I won’t be holding my breath.

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