First Minister’s question Time on Thursday the 15th of January 2009.

Apparently minister’s answers during questions in the Scottish parliament have been ‘mis-truths’. First problem to resolve is the definition of mis- truths, a new word to me I must admit, so to the trusty dictionary I went, no definition there, nor on Wikipedia. However I did manage to find this definition of the word. According to the urban dictionary it is a statement that is true yet misleading. Ok so if the statement is true it is not a lie, not even an evasion, but it is also misleading so it’s misdirection? Life would be a lot simpler if the niceties of politics in the chamber were ignored and plain speaking was employed so that those of us with an interest in the facts revolving round the politics of our country can actually understand what was being said. Specifically had Tavish Scott simply accused the first minister of having misleading the chamber on the timing of the funding in question, he may have got an answer. But as the whole point of the question was to embarrass Alex Salmond that would have been pointless. The funding was to support the Scottish inter Faith Council (I wonder do we also fund Scientologists). So the wee spat in the chamber wasted a fair amount of time and Tavish didn’t get his apology surprise, surprise. All this appeared to be so mind numbingly trivial that my attention wandered. However Alex Ferguson the presiding officer of the chamber, that’s the speaker to any English or American readers, dropped a sweet and timely bombshell at the end of questions. Namely because of the large increase in points of order, reflecting the dissatisfaction of MSP’s with the quality of answers to their questions, he has asked Hollywood’s standards committee to look into claims that ministers have misled the chamber. This is the same committee that was accused of party political bias last year in the Wendy Alexander fiasco. so now we can look forward to a long drawnout enquiry that will no doubt lead to another long drawnout humiliating enquiry into how the first enquiry was dealt with. Holyrood really is turning into Westminster’s truculent, badly behaved wee brother. How do they find time for it?

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