Edinburgh tram delays

It has come as no surprise to the cynics amongst us that the Edinburgh tram project has been delayed by three months.  It turns out that the first track will not be laid in Leith walk after all, but in Princes Street.  Ensuring no doubt that when the money runs out you will be able to travel the length of Princes Street by tram if not to any other part of the city. Why the delay?  Well the three-month delay has apparently been caused by the Leith traders  successful bid to close down the work for the three weeks of the festival.  How a three-week festival can cause a three-month delay I have no idea, but I have no doubt that this will be the first of many delays in the schedule.

One Response

  1. Like you I am a cynic I was having a bit of a rant this am at the exhibition for the Forth Crossing – why didn’t they go for a tunnel. More expensive in the short term cheaper in the longterm – but maybe an agenda here about who does the work!

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