Trams Held to Ransom


Trams already in Princess Street LOL

Wow we have a tram on Princess Street, its not real it’s a mock up, and you are not allowed to get on it until Monday at 11am if the ramp is finished by then. First impressions, its smaller than a bus and if each tram is this size it will not get as many people on as a bus. So I presume they will be much much longer, this one bends in the middle, wow what will they think of next, oh they already thought of that.

Inside it looks like a bus and outside it looks like a bus maybe it is a bus.




Small Business and Trams


Spotted in the window of Boneyard Tattoo studio at the top of Constitution Street.

Bankers are Bastards #2

Casino Culture

Casino Culture

Thanks for the picture Phil.

Does the UN Support Freedom of Speech and Intolerance?

Firstly thanks to blond bloke for finding these two articles.  They are well worth a read as they highlight the manipulation by those most interested in defeating freedom of speech action and religion at the UN. While we in the UK may feel we have structures in place to protect our freedoms there are many around the world who need the U. N. to protect them.

The first article gives you the meat:-

Johann Hari: Why should I respect these oppressive religions?

The second which is a response to the response to the first is this:-

Johann Hari: Despite these riots, I stand by what I wrote

I would urge all to read both pieces and think carefully about the implcations for the freedom of speech.

Then have a bash at Reading this document.  Actually if I were you I would simply skip to the conclusions page, 22 I think.

I think it’s fair to conclude that at the U. N. the right-hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.Which is at best scary and at worst bloody dangerous.

The Future Of Leith


Why do they think Leithers are thick?

Quote from the Evening News.

“But Forth Port officials say people have misunderstood how the development will be named. Charles Hammond, group chief executive, said: “Leith Docks will remain as the umbrella name for the overall development project. The name Edinburgh Harbour was chosen for this area of Leith Docks, which will include a cruise ship terminal, as it highlights the fact that Leith is the gateway into Scotland’s capital city.”

If the minions they send to public meeting cannot communicate their message they must find people who can, not expect us to mind read.

“as it highlights the fact that Leith is the gateway into Scotland’s capital city.”

Interesting spin, how does the name Edinburgh Harbour highlight Leith in anyway?  These people are not interested in Leith, their focus is profit, and frankly if they really believe, Leithers will believe, the hordes descending from the cruise ships will think Edinburgh Harbour means Leith they must truly think Leithers are thick as s**t in the neck of a bottle. We know these tourists will be quarantined in coaches all the way to Princess Street, Edinburgh Castle (soon to be renamed Leith Castle) and Holyrood Palace.

Predicted next suggestion from Forth Ports. A few street name changes, only four street names have to be changed North Junction Street (Edinburgh North Street), Great Junction Street ( Great Edinburgh Street), Leith Walk (Edinburgh Walk)and Leith Street (Edinburgh Street) to create an Edinburgh street name corridor. All in the interests of not confusing the retail fodder destined for the city tourist traps of course.

I am actually surprised they didn’t want Edinburgh Dock Lands, bet they thought about it.

via ‘Edinburgh Harbour’ plan sparks campaign by outraged Leithers – Edinburgh Evening News.

Thanks to Greener Leith for highlighting this article.

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