The Voters ‘aint Stupid

A YouGov poll commissioned by the Sunday Times today has made official what most voters knew anyway.  They were extremely annoyed at and perplexed by the behaviour of the Labour Party Liberal Democrats and I personally think unfairly the Greens.  What the poll shows is that were there to be a snap election the SNP would gain from the results.  The most worrying aspect of the fiasco over the budget is the fact that the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats in particular appear to have their finger firmly off the pulse of the feelings of the general public.  The quick about-face of the Liberals in dropping their 2% income-tax cut shows that at least they realised quickly their mistake in being part of the sinking of the budget, whether Patrick Harvie’s actions will cost the Greens the offered £33 million we will have to wait and see.  For Alex Salmond to be magnanimous in victory and honour the offer I believe would be a very strong indicator of the SNP’s  green credentials and perhaps go some way to placating the Greens who’s support they could well need in the future.

Perhaps the scariest thing in all this is that once again the Labour leader, in this case Iain Gray, has managed to totally misjudge the feeling of the country.  I can only suggest that Labour politicians move out of the smoke-filled rooms (oops that’s illegal now) and start communicating with their constituency, as at the moment they obviously have no idea what is going through the voters mind.

Rumours abound that labour has been meeting with the Greens with a view to soliciting their support to put Iain Gray in the first minister to chair. If this is the case it is going to be very difficult for Labour to argue that their opposition to the budget was anything other than a ploy to oust Alex Salmond.  Their credibility appears fast tracked to the dustbin.

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