Simple breakdown of Holyroods 2009 Budget

Margo MacDonald wanted £3.5 million for Edinburgh, she got it.

Tories wanted £60 million over 3 years for city centre regeneration they got £60 million lump sum.

Lib Dem’s wanted a 2p cut in income tax, they got a promise from the SNP to approach the Calman Commission about giving Holyrood the right to borrow.

Labour wanted 23,400 apprenticeships over 3 years they got 8,500 over 1 year and guarantees that training for these apprenticeships would continue even if the companies involved went bust. Gain of 7 million.

Greens wanted 1 billion for free household insulation, they turned down 33 million, 22 million from the government and 11 million from outside sources. They ended up with 15 million from government and 15 million from outside sources. The new money to be means tested. Loss of 7 million and the means testing will be a drawback to uptake.

Winners Margo MacDonald and the Tories.

Losers Labour, Lib Dems and most of all the Greens.

No amount of spin by politicians or the media can divert from the fact the biggest winners were the SNP albeit more by luck than judgement.

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