Scottish Tory with his fingers in till

As ever Scotland can go one better than the English, with our own home-grown MSP paying family members out of taxpayers money for dubious work.  We don’t just get an MSP he’s also a baronet, Sir Jamie McGrigor pays his wife Emma up to £7,000 a year for reading newspapers and typing “stuff”.  Perhaps she should have taken the time to scan the broadsheet nationals about the  various scandals south of the border. Derek Conway’s payments to his sloth-like sons  may have tipped them off to the fact that trouble may lie ahead. Although we should perhaps be grateful for the fact that we get a baronet and MSP all rolled into one.  He is apparently paying her £7,000 a year for approximately 1 hour a day’s work, which equates to about £19 an hour.  Not bad for sitting on your arse reading newspapers and a bit of typing.


It’s not the first time McGrigor has been scrutinised for use of public funds his farm pocketed £164,000 in agricultural subsidies between 2000 and 2004.  No doubt his cattle and sheep are on a reasonable hourly rate as well.

Professor David Mellor of the monitoring organisations Spinwatch has written to the Scottish parliament and asked them to investigate Sir Jamie’s staff payments.  If the past is anything to go by this one should run and run.

Anybody actually recognise him?

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