Leith to be open again in April

As many local Leithers will be well aware Leith has been almost cut off from the outside world for about six months now.  The dastardly plan by the council to isolate our a wonderful area of Leith under the cover of the tram works (shutting Leith walk)  the other big traffic management scheme at Seafield roundabout plus  plus various other smaller schemes on it appeared every road entering Leith has been thwarted.  Finally after the work at Seafield overran by six months and the Lord knows how much money, I hope he does anyway because the council doesn’t, we are being promised that it will all be over by the third of April.  A very exact date so I presume the council official responsible for it has a direct line to God to ensure it happens.  We shall see.

3 Responses

  1. It does tend to make one wonder just why it has taken so long to turn the Seafield roundabout into a set of traffic lights…

  2. I have heard that like the 19th century it is quicker to get to Leith by sea,therefore it has to be a retrograde development.
    Bring back the railway station and let Leith flourish ,these comments by a person who as a boy on holiday at his aunt’s travelled from Portobello to Princes street by tram on a regular basis.ding- ding
    A new stress buster idea would be dartboards with the portrait images of the Council road planners…Yes!

  3. Love the dart board idea, could maybe extend it to footballs and golf balls.

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