SNP Back down on local income tax

John Swinney the finance secretary today finally had to admit defeat and climb down from the introduction of a local income tax designed to replace the council tax.  It has been very obvious for some time that there was no consensus at Holyrood for the local tax and this will be seen as a major setback for the SNP’s governance.  Small businesses and employers will be very happy with the decision as they have been strongly against any form of local income tax.  It will how ever mean that there will be a huge amount of hot air expended on how exactly the council tax will be replaced.  Thatcher tried it with the poll tax and there have been various plans put forward all of which have been unpopular, but with every party in Holyrood opposed to any council tax rises a solution will have to be found.  A hung parliament will be a very difficult place to find the answer as the various political constituencies of the different parties all have their own axe to grind and I cannot see a solution that will appease  everyone any time soon.

The good news for council taxpayers is that for the life of this government, who  knows perhaps it may even last the next four years, council tax is to be frozen and the  reduction in business rates  for smaller firms will be instituted in April.

No doubt the opposition parties will take the opportunity to hound the SNP over this broken election promise.  Expect some fireworks at First Minister’s question Time 12 p.m. tomorrow.

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