Independence Referendum Unsupported

It is looking very likely that the SNP’s manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on independence will be rejected today by a coalition of the Labour Party, Conservatives and Liberals. The Labour Party have a debate today entitled Scottish government failure, scheduled to take place sometime shortly after 9.15 am. I have no doubt that even though the Labour Party have criticised the SNP’s failure to fight (waste time on) for manifesto pledges ie, the local income tax, they will not put the independence referendum into this category.

This morning’s debate should be quite amusing watching the Labour spokesperson attempt to spin an argument in direct opposition to the arguments they have recently been making on the SNP government’s inability to enact legislation they have in the past promised to bring about.

The conservative stance on an independence referendum has not changed in any way and as expected they will vote the legislation down. The Lib Dems have tabled an amendment calling on the Nationalists to forgo calls for an Independent poll and instead to concentrate on economic recovery. As any Scottish government’s hands are tied in as much as they cannot borrow I am not entirely sure what more moves can be made that have not already been made through the recent budget fiasco to try to solidify recovery in Scotland.

I will watch the debate with relish there is nothing quite as amusing as watching elected politicians trying to make a reasonable case in favour of denying the voters a democratic say in their own future. Perhaps they believe we are just not quite smart enough to make decisions on independence for Scotland but certainly stupid enough to continue to vote to keep them in positions of power and decision-making.

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