Charity Gig For Leith Festival Friday Night

This Friday (25th September) there is a gig, originally for Leith FM, but now in aid of the Leith Festival. Starts at 8pm in the Queen Charlotte rooms, Queen Charlotte St Leith, £5 entry. This is Gary’s leaving Leith FM party as well, after all his work and the effort by the team who helped him with the Leith sessions he deserves a big thank you and the best way to do that is a huge turn out to support Fridays gig. The bands etc on the poster below.

Garys Gig

Got somewhere you could post this flyer, if so , do so. Thanks.

Hi Everyone,
There is a change of plans for Friday night. The Leith FM A Board have cancelled the venue for Friday night. They have also tried to stop the Gig from happening.
The reason is a mystery to me, but please be aware that this is not Leith Dockers fault. This decision was made by LFMA!
However, although they have tried to stop the gig from happening, The GOOD news is that it is still going ahead, but the venue and cause is different.
The venue is now Queen Charlotte rooms in Queen Charlotte Street, Leith. The cause and all money raised will go directly to Leith festival!! I have spoke to The chair of Leith Festival and he is happy that this is the case.
Tickets are still £5 and is still my leaving night from Leith FM.
I have attached the NEW poster. Please pass on to all your friends and family and lets support a brilliant Leith Charity!!!

Kind Regards

Gary Tait

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