The BNP are bankrupt and falling apart at the seams.


The Independent reports today that the BNP are half £1 million in debt and the banks, for once doing something useful are refusing to refinance the debt. With last year’s books not being signed off by the auditors could we at last be seeing the end of the nauseating scum that are the British National party. With many of their most high-profile members acting in the most natural way for them by jumping ship like the rats they are it all seems to be coming apart nicely. For the full article follow the link to the Independent’s piece by Cahal Milmo.

David Miliband has a pop at brother Ed.

Finally the paper’s have something to write about concerning the Labour Party leadership race.  On the day that ballot papers are sent out to those entitled to vote for the next Labour Party leader, David Miliband has had a veiled poke at his brother Ed in the Times (sorry no point giving you a link as you now have to pay to read the Times online). A very mild rebuke at what he perceives as his brother’s inability to leave the Labour Party comfort zone, at least the rest of the country gets a few column inches out of the media which has been obsessed, and rightly so with the effects of the Tory Lib Dem coalition cuts. But what was yesterday being heralded as a full-blown attack turns out to be a damp squib with no specifics. As usual with this particular leadership battle there is still very little substance to any of the arguments making it incredibly difficult to get a sense of the leadership abilities of any of the candidates.

The Labour Party seems to be struggling at the moment to find anyone either at Westminster or Holyrood who hasn’t had a severe charisma bypass.

Financial Times admits the poorest will suffer most from the cuts.

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all ?

An article in yesterday’s financial Times pointed out that regardless of what Mr Osborne, Clegg and co are telling the voters, it will be the poorest in society who pay the highest price for the Con Dem cuts.

Leith docks biomass Protesters Chain themselves to Forth Ports HQ.

Don't chain me down!

Hiding on the roof.

The banner finally flies.

Early this morning I came across a couple of protesters in the process of chaining themselves through the handles of the front door to Forth ports headquarters. White shirts and ties were in great evidence as the office workers struggled to stop the protesters padlocking themselves in place. There were also a couple of guys up on the roof trying to unfurl a banner that took quite a few minutes but they got there in the end. What was a protest all about? They’re objecting to the proposed biomass plant on the grounds that it will not be using sustainable fuel and as Leither you could have added the huge upsurge in traffic due to the lorries which will be needed to remove the ash. Anyway a couple of pics for you to savour.

The Mackerel Wars

Look out Jock the bastard's got a sword fish

Could the present mackerel melee be the start of the next cod war or will it all turn out to be a storm in a teacup. I daresay that the Faroese will not be happy with losing £400,000 worth of fish, now apparently only fit for fish meal, but I don’t suppose we have too much to worry about Mr Salmond (no pun intended) has met with Norway’s Foreign Minister and maybe it will all turnout hunky-dory (pun intended).

Rifkind hits the ground running.

The fall guy

Malcolm Rifkind attended a discussion ” Is a war ever justified” yesterday as part of the festival of politics at Holyrood. Stewart Lochhead who is doing reviews of the festival for Edinburgh guide was good enough to e-mail me and ask me to do a quick caricature of the unfortunate Mr Rifkind. I was happy to oblige and apparently the fall was the highlight of the evening.

You will find Stewart’s articles and lots more besides at Edinburgh guide.

Is Liam Fox going to cut the Red Arrows?

I'll blow them out the sky, one way or another.

A small piece in the Telegraph yesterday pointed out that when asked Liam Fox refused to guarantee the future of the pride of the Royal Air Force, the Red Arrows. When asked if their future was secure he replied that he was unable to give a guarantee as everything was up for review. Hopefully that will include the pay scales of our slash happy coalition ministers.

100 DAYS of THE coalition more to come?

Coalition Roller Coaster

Well there you have it folks 100 days of the coalition and only a few of us have suffered. But wait till October, at the moment the government is simply chipping away at the foundations of the country, they have an as yet to totally undermined the welfare state and the NHS. Retail and manufacturing cannot get any money out of the banks so it’s unlikely that the private sector will provide the jobs that every corner of the government is about to strip from the public sector and dip 2 is looking more likely each day. But let’s be happy for the Liberal Democrats they get to pretend to be in charge for a couple of weeks while David Cameron is down in Cornwall, no doubt worried sick that Nick Clegg will start spouting liberal Democrat policies as government policies. How will the government mark the next hundred days in office? I fear we will feel the chill wind of Thatcherite policies cutting through our threadbare protection what little protection that is the government decide to leave.

Cleggie talks Trident OOPS !!

I know we agreed to disagree but ?

As Mr Clegg attempts to step into the shoes of David Cameron, who is holidaying in Cornwall, what’s the first thing he does? Why of course he brings up Trident, though of course most right-thinking people believe the money we are about to spend on Trident would be better spent protecting the NHS or providing school leavers with apprenticeships this is the one area that the Liberal Democrats could find no common ground with the Tories. Is David Cameron spinning on his deckchair? I doubt it the Deputy Prime Minister has no real power so what ever he says is irrelevant. I think we can be fairly sure that  a note was left on his desk with Davids Cornwall number in case any real decisions have to be made.

Today’s independent has an interesting article covering David Cameron’s latest theory on how to improve the nation’s health and apparently wealth.  It involves nudge theory or as the authors of the book nudge would have us understand it libertarian paternalism.

Libertarians believe it’s OK to have an orgy as long as they are invited.

Paternalists won’t let anybody go to the orgy because it’s probably not good for you.

Where it becomes interesting is that the government has to find a way of to get us to do what they want us to, but because half the Tories hate the idea of a nanny state more than a communist state they cannot actually tell us what to do.  Nudge theory suggests that we can be persuaded with small pushes in the desired direction without really noticing we are being manipulated to do as the great and good desire.

Quite how the coalition government is going to nudge the hundreds of thousands of soon to be unemployed into nonexistent work will be a trick worth seeing.  Their tactics up to date have been more in the mode of shovelling not nudging their ideology down our throats using the economic climate as a very inadequate smokescreen.

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