Cameron’s bounty hunters to the rescue.


Mr. Cameron will announce today that the coalition government intends to crack down on benefit fraud, no surprise there then.  However he will also announce that the government intends to make use of credit checking companies and indeed to pay them a bounty of five per cent of any monies saved from any fraudulent claimants they manage to snare.  One company mentioned in this context is Experian a credit checking company whose avalanche of complaints each year is truly staggering.  Their inability to keep accurate up to date information on the general public, whose lives can be devastated by inaccuracies, is legendary.  Do we really want companies like Experian, who are owned by GUS also incidentally the owners of our Argos and Homebase to be given carte blanche to access all the information that government holds as well as often using inaccurate and out of date information they themselves hold.

The temptation for these companies to extrapolate the worst possible scenario from the least available information will be huge and if Experians past history is anything to go by I would suggest it is almost inevitable that this will lead to chaos for many innocent individuals.

To get some idea of the type of company the government intends to hand  life changing authority to, follow this LINK.

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