100 DAYS of THE coalition more to come?

Coalition Roller Coaster

Well there you have it folks 100 days of the coalition and only a few of us have suffered. But wait till October, at the moment the government is simply chipping away at the foundations of the country, they have an as yet to totally undermined the welfare state and the NHS. Retail and manufacturing cannot get any money out of the banks so it’s unlikely that the private sector will provide the jobs that every corner of the government is about to strip from the public sector and dip 2 is looking more likely each day. But let’s be happy for the Liberal Democrats they get to pretend to be in charge for a couple of weeks while David Cameron is down in Cornwall, no doubt worried sick that Nick Clegg will start spouting liberal Democrat policies as government policies. How will the government mark the next hundred days in office? I fear we will feel the chill wind of Thatcherite policies cutting through our threadbare protection what little protection that is the government decide to leave.

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