The BNP are bankrupt and falling apart at the seams.


The Independent reports today that the BNP are half £1 million in debt and the banks, for once doing something useful are refusing to refinance the debt. With last year’s books not being signed off by the auditors could we at last be seeing the end of the nauseating scum that are the British National party. With many of their most high-profile members acting in the most natural way for them by jumping ship like the rats they are it all seems to be coming apart nicely. For the full article follow the link to the Independent’s piece by Cahal Milmo.

One Response

  1. You vile shit bags who represent the news, are nothing less than a bunch of frauds, who ponce themselves on the wak for an immoral story.

    You call the BNP evil scum who re in high dept, yet they unlike the Jew lord Sainsbury a immigrant, the same has Marks and Tesco who only enroll cheap immigrant labour after earning their fortunes from the v ery people they will not employ.

    So go and fuck yourselves at the Independent for its only a matter of time for that rag of yours becuse immigrants di not buy british papers, the only trade with their own kind,.

    So despite the high ammount of queers in journalism once Islam and Sharia take hold you tossers will wish you had suppoerted the BNP when the chance was right.
    this also applies to those in the church.
    Walter Barfoot Army.

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