A probing insight into William Hague’s personal life.

His research is incredibly penetrative.

You spend one night in a hotel room with your chauffeur and your branded for life. You have to feel sorry for Christopher Myers who has felt it necessary to resign his position as special adviser to William Hague over unsubstantiated rumours regarding a sexual liaison. Apparently the most proof going is their body language at breakfast the morning after they shared a room in a hotel while on the campaign trail. No one seems to know if it was a twin bedded room or indeed a family room.

If it proves to be true it shows there is a great deal more in common between the coalition parties, Liberal Democrats and Tories, then I at first thought. The the recent confession of Crispin Blunt (Wasn’t there once spy called Blunt who was also gay?) regarding his sexuality and his desire to come to terms with it may prove to the first pebble in an avalanche of outing. It may be a slow news seasons gift from the gods, let’s hope it runs, it makes for an easy cartooning subject.

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  1. A probing insight into William Hague's personal life. « Leithal Yak…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. are you depicting the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom being sodomised by his researcher?… that’s pretty brave.

  3. Good lord no the man’s still got his trousers on, more a stress releaving massage, I think.

  4. But think of the blog traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!

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