Bankers are Bastards #2.

Hung out to dry by the bankers.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (Reactionary Bastards and Scumbags RBS) is cutting 3500 jobs. Why? I quote “Having to cut jobs is the most difficult part of our work to rebuild RBS and repay the taxpayers for their support”, in other words it’s not their fault it’s our fault. That is the fault of the tax payer, the nasty people who saved their bacon in the first place are apparently not entitled to be repaid without some bloodletting amongst the staff of the bank.  At what point did anybody paying tax suggest to RBS it would be a good idea to cut 3500 jobs, 500 of which are to be off shored? Apparently it is not enough that they were bailed out having buggered up the whole system with their greed, it is now the taxpayer’s job to pay jobseekers allowance for the poor souls who are being jettisoned like so much rotten fruit by RBS. I am actually amazed that the miniscule tax the government intends to raise against the financial sector, who are responsible for putting us into recession, has not been blamed as well as the taxpayers. How I wonder would the banks feel if those that owed them money decided the only way to raise it was to make soap from the bodies of small dead children? Actually that’s silly as long as the loans were repaid the banks would not worry at all, they have after all never worried much about the way they raised their own cash.

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