Does anyone really believe that Andy Coulson as editor of the News of the world knew nothing about the methods employed to gather information on politicians, celebrities and the Royals? I would go further and suggest that Rupert Murdoch probably knew all about it as well. Colson’s position as an adviser to David Cameron is surely now untenable, even if he knew nothing about the phone hacking it was on his watch and  he chose to resign. Now that the issue has raised its ugly head again David Cameron has little choice but to instruct him to rewrite his resignation and go.

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of all this is the special relationship that apparently exists between the police service and Rupert Murdoch’s News of the world and Sun newspapers. Full disclosure to the press except in exceptional circumstances is surely a necessary part of a free press and indeed free society. I cringe to think that behind the scenes Rupert Murdoch is applying pressure to the Metropolitan police to forego a thorough investigation, the man it seems is more powerful than the government.

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