Lucky Vince cable has been given the job of selling off the People’s Post Office. The Post Office which last year made a profit of over £400 million, so if it’s making a profit why are we going to sell it off? The country apparently needs to make money and or save money. Here is a business owned by the taxpayer which is making money. The government seem to think that in order to save the universal mail delivery we need to sell off parts of the Post Office. So are we going to sell off of the unprofitable areas (not bloody likely) or will we do what the Tory governments of the past have done and sell off the profitable parts at huge discounts to their friends.

Now that the unions and the management of the Post Office have found an agreement to go forward with the modernisation necessary to make it fit for purpose it seems very strange to undermine that process by selling off the moneymaking assets. The money men will not be paying for anything unless it’s profitable so you can expect the taxpayer to be left with the universal delivery system to subsidise instead of this area being subsidised by the business as a whole.

For an interesting insight into the day-to-day life of a postman take a look at this working postman’s blog. Roy Mayall.

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  1. Well, yes. But then very little in life is black or white, is it?

    For example, maybe £400 million should have been £4 bn, if it wasn’t the government screwing it up, or just because it made a profit last year doesn’t mean it will this year, or ever again without huge investment and a lot of unlikely cooperation from the unions, does it? I admit I don’t actually know (or care all that much, although I do know quite a few postal workers), but then are we sure they all don’t know something we don’t.?

    Then again – we could just scrap it altogether since almost everyone who’s anyone uses email or SMS these days anyway and that trend is set to increase?

    • I understand your point but there is a social gain to the deliveries. Many older people only see the postman, he’s the guy that informs the police when someones granny isn’t seen for a few days for instance. We are computer savvy many aren’t. Do we leave them to their pre email isolation? Once April 2011 comes there will be huge cuts that will effect the poorest and elderly dole/pension money doesn’t buy you a pc or the cost of an internet cafe. This is privitasation the Tory way and one look at the railways tells you where it is going, huge subsidies for private companies to do a bad job.

  2. Are you a politician? I am a very wealthy businessman. I will give you a lot of money in the future and you don’t have to worry, I’ll make sure its a smooth transaction.

    What you have to do in return is

    A) Use your powers of spin to make sure the public tihnk the PO has to be sold off

    B) Give us first dibs on the shares


    That’s how I tihnk the script goes anyway but what do I know – I’m just a pub quizmaster.

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