After the good news on the Scottish economy of recent weeks let’s hope that Westminster doesn’t drag Hollywood down into its own quagmire of despair.

“Told you so” Ed Balls

It must be nice to start a new job and within a week be proven right in your assertions. I wonder how the coalition partners feel about Ed’s accurate predictions of where the British economy is heading.

A wee twist for Burns night.

John Swinney the good and bad news

News Net Scotland has a good news article regarding the Scottish economy which you can find and read here.

Good news for Scots Economy

Tory dogma and our NHS

Wendy Alexander behaveing badly.

This particular cartoon was inspired by an article I came across at News Net Scotland the link is below.

Bad behaviour at Holyrood


Gorgeous George Galloway stands for Holyrood.

Gorgeous George Galloway has decided to stand as for election to the Scottish parliament in May. While many may agree with me that it should be great entertainment if he gets a seat it appears that the Sheridan’s have broken an agreement with Georges party, Respect, and the once great buddies are now at loggerheads. While Ian Gray may have a charisma bypass many may think that George has a little too much charisma. But after his performance in America in front of the Senate committee you’ve got to love the guy if not his politics.

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