Is Devine going to jail?

Good article on this to be found here.

News Net Scotland

Labour declines to support the Scottish Budget.

Read about the budget here.

Newsnet Scotland

Holyrood coalition will do anything to do down the SNP budget.

Can’t quite work out why the Labour Party in coalition with the Tories and the liberal Democrats at Holyrood have voted down the supermarket tax. A tax that would have brought them in line with the English tax rate and raised 30 million much-needed pounds for the proposed SNP budget. I’m beginning to believe that the Labour Party has lost its way completely.

Clockwork Scottish Labour blame the SNP


Bankers Shafting the Taxpayer again

Camerons statement yeterday that he was not interested in “headlines satisfying people today and tomorrow that I’ve given the banks a good kick in the pants. Can we do more on bonuses, particularly on those banks we own? Yes we can, and yes we will,” he told The Sunday Telegraph. “But look, we’ve just been talking about growth. I don’t believe actually in the long run, you can deliver the enterprise-growth agenda while having a running war with the British banking industry at the same time.”

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