Pinocchio Clegg apparently believes that Westminster should call an early referendum on Scottish independence, I have no idea where he believes his mandate comes from, although I suppose after the lies told at the UK general election he can basically make it up as he goes along. After the slaughter of the innocents in Scotland (the liberal Democrats) he can hardly claim a mandate from the Scottish people and I doubt that the UK as a whole believes he has the right to dictate the timing of any Scottish referendum on any subject whatsoever.

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  1. Clegg in his desperate bid to breathe the oxygen of popular publicity appears to courting middle England.

    Having sold the LibDem soul to the Conservative Satan and having received the bounty of a NO to AV (a rather rubbish system in any case) he, his party and their supporters are literally conservatives (small c) and continue to allow the Tories to govern with a 33% mandate.

    They are clearly Tories and in Scotland have less of a mandate than the actual Tories.

    ‘Go to bed with the Tories and you get f****d’. Something I said when they first skipped hand in hand along the pleasant winding way to Number 10 together.

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