Tweets and Damned Tweets

Joyce the Peoples Choice

Salmonds Fatal Error or a Master Stroke


I think I may have just watched the most biased committee meeting ever held at Westminster. The Scottish affairs committee today questioned Michael Moore on various aspects of the referendum process and his numerous meetings with Alex Salmond. Conclusion, Ian Davidson is the most partisan chairman I have ever seen at any meeting. Don’t believe me check it out here.

Scottish Affairs Committee and Moore. 

Michael Gove tells his Tory Mates to shut up.

Today’s Scotsman

bbc bias ?

Ghost of Referendums Past

Cameron states his reason to maintain the Union

David Cameron will make a speech before he meets with Alex Salmond, Scotlands first minister, in Edinburgh today. In it he will set out the case, he says the positive case, for the Union. Will he talk about Britain being stronger together, almost certainly. What he means by this is Britains seat on the security council of the UN, Westminsters position in NATO and the power Britain weilds in Europe in other words the world stage. Does Scotland want to hold power over others or do we wish to stand as equals with others in mutual respect and friendship.

New jobs that are worth nowt

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