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  1. LOL .. love it .. you are so sued .. or probably not 🙂

  2. I find it incredible that he’s threatened you on Twitter. Does he not understand this is exactly the behaviour he accuses “Cybernats” of doing?

    Combined with his intimidation of Garve Scott-Lodge among others, I think the Scotsman needs to seriously consider if this is the sort of person they should have in their employ. He’s not a journalist, he’s a sinister control freak who cannot handle the sort of criticism that comes hand in hand with being a journalist these days. He’s the public figure, not you.

  3. All high drama and vaguely entertaining to the onlooker. But does personally attacking a particular individual, even if he is a journo, increase the YES vote in any way?

  4. An arsehole of the highest order like Maddox and the rest of the Scotsman tribe of Nord Brit Huns.

  5. A crude cartoon surrounded by hateful invective. I would rather have a herd of billygoats lead Scotland than any choice of the cybernats. And come 2014 you will have split the country into the 2/3 NO and 1/3 YES. Scots hating Scots: what a brilliant result

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