50+ (saves me having to change it for a few years).

Married man with two grown up kids one girl, one boy and one fantastic grandson. Do you ever start to say one woman and one man?

Do all sorts of work yes a jack of all trades maybe a master of one or two.

Politics, community radio,volunteering,rugby sort of,the kids lives and ok like the pub to!

8 Responses

  1. Greetings, We havent met yet but I’ve just started at Leith fm. I found you through your chat re ethnic minority summit ripoff.

    I have arranged for a business guru to be interviewed on Leith fm this Wednesday 17th Dec at around 12:30am.

    He is John Hughes of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. He will be on air to answer any questions on how to sustain and grow leith businesses during these troubling times.

    Please advertise this to anyone who may have a question, so I can ask him all the very best questions on air.

    Please email questions to me or to leithfm by Wednesday morning.


    Fin :)))
    Mob: 07951 58 58 32

  2. Dam ….missed that leith FM thing , i wanted to know why the Edinburgh chamber of commerce diary is alphabetical names for all the members of Ecoc and not done under alphabetical business listings like P for plumber or R for removals, its very confusing and of no use whatsoever .

    I know this as someone gave me the diary they paid £2-300 for .

  3. Hi – couldn’t find a contact email for you so leaving a comment. Linked to your site from mine http://dpquizlive.co.uk

    If you wanna link back then its entirely up to you. Hey – its your site 🙂

  4. Like some of the political cartoons on this blog, esp on Scottish subjects. Do you consider commissions?

  5. Leith Sucks.

    it refers to a now defunct website, leithsucks.net which was run by John Wallace who also runs edinburghsucks.com and who spends all of his time attacking the innocent and vulnerable with his racist, vile and unfounded accusations.

  6. Hi – I have a wordpress account at jessicanorrie.wordpress.com and it’s worked fine until this evening, but suddenly when I click on my blog address, I get yours. Which means other people do too, I suppose. Your blog looks great but I don’t really want it muddled up with mine. Do you know how we can sort this out? Thank you.

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