Geert Wilder thrown out Why?

Geert Wilder has been sent back to the Netherlands in case he incites racial hatred. Why because he made a film.  I include a link to his film so you can make up your own minds.

The Film

I actually watched this film when the fatwa was first put in place against Wilder and have to honestly say forgot about it within a day.  Be interested to know what ordinary people think of its message.

Daniel Day-Lewis and the Oscars. There will be Blood

Okay everybody seems to think Daniel Day-Lewis was fantastic in ‘ there will be blood’, not me, I actually think that the character he played was transplanted directly from the gangs of New York, which was from my point of view a much more interesting, entertaining and exciting movie than There will be blood.

I remembered very little about the movie half an hour after I came out, which would indicate that the stickability of its message was at best slight. The best performance I felt came from Paul Dano who played both Paul Sunday an Eli Sunday, Paul Sunday having by far the biggest part but I think the subtle characterization of Mr Dano was the best piece of acting in the movie. Maybe as a Brit the historical significance of the land grabbing oil tycoons at a turn-of-the-century was a bit lost on me. I’m afraid I didn’t find it interesting at all to be told that the megalomaniac greed of one oil tycoon could lead to so much tragedy. Modern-day oil companies can do far more damage with a lot less effort, Iran? I think to get the best out of the story the movie would have had to be twice as long to allow time to explore the characters as individuals, within their own lives, before they were thrown together in what often seemed pointless conflict. But time is money and one certainty in this world is that Hollywood is driven by cash.

The most notable aspect of the movie for me was the musical score which hit me right at the opening of the movie and stuck with me throughout, well done Radiohead, you allowed me to come away with one memorable highlight. Go see the movie it’s worth it for Paul Dano’s acting, and the young Dillon Freasier as H.W. Plainview , the kid, as well as the score.

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