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Bell rip off

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Green Bank or Bribe.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

No idea who took this picture but you have to admire his somewhat earthy wit.

Leith docks biomass Protesters Chain themselves to Forth Ports HQ.

Don't chain me down!

Hiding on the roof.

The banner finally flies.

Early this morning I came across a couple of protesters in the process of chaining themselves through the handles of the front door to Forth ports headquarters. White shirts and ties were in great evidence as the office workers struggled to stop the protesters padlocking themselves in place. There were also a couple of guys up on the roof trying to unfurl a banner that took quite a few minutes but they got there in the end. What was a protest all about? They’re objecting to the proposed biomass plant on the grounds that it will not be using sustainable fuel and as Leither you could have added the huge upsurge in traffic due to the lorries which will be needed to remove the ash. Anyway a couple of pics for you to savour.

Trams already in Princess Street LOL

Wow we have a tram on Princess Street, its not real it’s a mock up, and you are not allowed to get on it until Monday at 11am if the ramp is finished by then. First impressions, its smaller than a bus and if each tram is this size it will not get as many people on as a bus. So I presume they will be much much longer, this one bends in the middle, wow what will they think of next, oh they already thought of that.

Inside it looks like a bus and outside it looks like a bus maybe it is a bus.




Don’t Mess Wi’ Oor Whisky or you’ll get


Spotted in an Easter road pub window and easily found on the net.

For All Dog Lovers


Stupidity or sadism , you decide.

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