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David Miliband has a pop at brother Ed.

Finally the paper’s have something to write about concerning the Labour Party leadership race.  On the day that ballot papers are sent out to those entitled to vote for the next Labour Party leader, David Miliband has had a veiled poke at his brother Ed in the Times (sorry no point giving you a link as you now have to pay to read the Times online). A very mild rebuke at what he perceives as his brother’s inability to leave the Labour Party comfort zone, at least the rest of the country gets a few column inches out of the media which has been obsessed, and rightly so with the effects of the Tory Lib Dem coalition cuts. But what was yesterday being heralded as a full-blown attack turns out to be a damp squib with no specifics. As usual with this particular leadership battle there is still very little substance to any of the arguments making it incredibly difficult to get a sense of the leadership abilities of any of the candidates.

The Labour Party seems to be struggling at the moment to find anyone either at Westminster or Holyrood who hasn’t had a severe charisma bypass.

100 DAYS of THE coalition more to come?

Coalition Roller Coaster

Well there you have it folks 100 days of the coalition and only a few of us have suffered. But wait till October, at the moment the government is simply chipping away at the foundations of the country, they have an as yet to totally undermined the welfare state and the NHS. Retail and manufacturing cannot get any money out of the banks so it’s unlikely that the private sector will provide the jobs that every corner of the government is about to strip from the public sector and dip 2 is looking more likely each day. But let’s be happy for the Liberal Democrats they get to pretend to be in charge for a couple of weeks while David Cameron is down in Cornwall, no doubt worried sick that Nick Clegg will start spouting liberal Democrat policies as government policies. How will the government mark the next hundred days in office? I fear we will feel the chill wind of Thatcherite policies cutting through our threadbare protection what little protection that is the government decide to leave.

Cameron’s bounty hunters to the rescue.


Mr. Cameron will announce today that the coalition government intends to crack down on benefit fraud, no surprise there then.  However he will also announce that the government intends to make use of credit checking companies and indeed to pay them a bounty of five per cent of any monies saved from any fraudulent claimants they manage to snare.  One company mentioned in this context is Experian a credit checking company whose avalanche of complaints each year is truly staggering.  Their inability to keep accurate up to date information on the general public, whose lives can be devastated by inaccuracies, is legendary.  Do we really want companies like Experian, who are owned by GUS also incidentally the owners of our Argos and Homebase to be given carte blanche to access all the information that government holds as well as often using inaccurate and out of date information they themselves hold.

The temptation for these companies to extrapolate the worst possible scenario from the least available information will be huge and if Experians past history is anything to go by I would suggest it is almost inevitable that this will lead to chaos for many innocent individuals.

To get some idea of the type of company the government intends to hand  life changing authority to, follow this LINK.

Cameron dreams of not being Thatcher Snacher


We are of course all amazed at the volte face David Cameron has just orchestrated regarding free milk for the under fives.  Decisions are reveresed while ministers are answering question on the subject live on television. All in the name of popularity  politics, hardly the brave new world Mr. Cameron and his coalition have been promising.  Is there perhaps a slightly off smell about this whole episode, it couldn’t possibly have been engineered to prove to us mere mortals we now have a listening government, could it?

Diamonds are a girls best friend, Sometimes!

Do you really think Naomi Campbell had no idea the dirty pebbles she was handed at god knows what time in the morning were diamonds?  But she did hand them to one of the Mandela’s aids, to give to the charity, who apparently forgot to then passed the precious stones to the needy.

Nick Clegg’s Plummeting Popularity

The liberal democrats can hardly be surprised at their leaders drop in popularity, many of them feel like they have  been stabbed in the back.  I doubt many voted Liberal Democrat to see what is now obviously Tory policy being foisted on the  nation using the economic situation as an excuse.  As it becomes more and more apparent  that the poor and dispossessed are the group who will be expected to carry the greatest part of the burden,  perhaps the liberal democrats will take time to think again, although by then most of the damage will already have been done. Come May next year the Scottish parliament may be a two party parliament, where will the liberal vote go? I doubt it will go to the Tories.

Cameron opens his big mouth

I couldn’t help but notice this past week how reminiscent of George Bush’s verbal slips David Cameron’s speech in India about the Pakistani intelligence service were.  Perhaps in future we should send a diplomat preferably not a novice  prime minister to converse with our allies.

Tories and Liberals use the Law to steal the future

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