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Trickle-down economics

Trickle-down economics” and “trickle-down theory,” is a term used in political rhetoricto classify economic policies perceived to benefit the wealthy and then “trickle-down” to the middle and lower classes. The theory states that if the top income earners invest more into the business infrastructure and equity markets, it will in turn lead to more goods at lower prices, and create more jobs for middle and lower class individuals. This sentiment is captured in John F. Kennedy’s argument, “a rising tide floats all boats“. Proponents argue economic growth flows down from the top to the bottom, indirectly benefiting those who do not directly benefit from the policy changes. However, others have argued that “trickle-down” policies generally do not work,[1] and that the trickle-down effect might be very slim.

Closure of a residential detox unit based in Leith

I received this as a comment today and have decided to post it in full as it touches on many themes this blog tries to cover. Most especially it points up the disregard with which those who hold the purse strings treat voluntary organisations. Their cost effectiveness and success are mainly ignored as that success cannot be claimed by those who hold political power.

It is estimated that for every £1 given in grants/funding to a voluntary organisation £9 worth of return is generated.

One Response to “Leith News”

  1. Hello

    I am writing to you to express concerns over the closure of a residential detox unit based in Leith,Edinburgh.

    The closure of a unique drug rehabilitation centre in Leith will ensure that drug related deaths will increase at a staggering rate.

    The Links Project, on Links Place, is the only centre of its kind to offer residential drug rehabilitation and detox services in the Lothians. The new drugs strategy for Scotland which was recently announced is focused on recovery. The Links project has been promoting this in Edinburgh for nearly 14 years and continues to do so.

    However, the centre’s service provider, charity Turning Point Scotland (TPS), has been forced to pull out of funding the service following a less-than-expected allocation from the city council’s health and social care budget.

    The service is now due to close by November. Edinburgh City Council have continually cut funding which has forced this service to run at a considerable deficit. This currently stands at £143,000. TPS has been meeting this deficit from its own financial reserves. Why should a charity have to bail out Edinburgh City Council in order to provide an essential and unique service to help and protect THEIR people with addiciton?

    Leith Labour councillor Gordon Munro said the centre was one of the first victims of the council’s “hidden” cuts in community services. He said: “I’ve seen no evidence that the need for this centre has disappeared, and I fear it won’t be the last third-sector organisation to go this way.”

    However, the City Council and NHS Lothian say they remain committed to providing services that address the needs of people with drug problems, and interim arrangements will be in place for when the Links Project closes. There are presently 465 users waiting for a six-week space in one of the project’s 12 beds at the centre and Edinburgh has an estimated 3500 drug users. Currently the only provision in place is 2 beds at the Ritson clinic (Royal Ed) and are “pouring” money into community detox by upping the number of community detox nurses from 1 to 2! No provision has been put in place to help the people in crisis which this service provides a vital lifeline for.

    This is a horrific and appaling waste of a resource to help people of the Lothians.

    So, how can you help? The Links Project is essential to the communitites that are reached by you, as a media outlet, as you translate all the information for them. The message that this valuable service will be lost needs to be communicated to as much of the population as it can. People need to be aware of what Edinburgh City Council are doing and what effect it will have on them.

    Edinburgh City Council need to be held accountable for what they are about to do. This is not a lost cause, hundreds of local people have already voiced their support against the closure of this service.

    Please spread the word. The Links Project is the only centre available to those in crisis in Edinburgh today. If it closes, the drugs epidemic will continue to spiral out of control, and for those who would have previously accessed it and progressed onto long term rehab projects, there will be no available first stage support. More people will die and at a faster rate than ever before. More people will remain in a spiral of addiction that will force them into crime. More families will be affected, more children will their parents, more parents will lose their children.

    thankyou for your time.

Ethnic Media Event Rip off

I just received an e-mail asking if I would like to attend a Guardian media event. This event is headlined Ethnic Media Summit and I quote “ this one-day summit will examine the challenges facing the media industry as it struggles to engage with ethnic minority groups in the digital age”.

There is of course a discount for not-for-profit and voluntary organisations to send a delegate, however £346. 63 not including travel or an overnight stay is probably a little on the steep side.

£364.63 is more than a month’s rent at the community radio station I volunteer with, it’s more than a third of the annual rates bill and to really get down to the nuts and bolts represents a years supply of toner for the printer. These media people have no idea of how difficult it is to raise funds commercially or through grants and funding simply to survive as a voluntary organisations. I think perhaps they need to re-engage with reality rather than ethnic minorities. Perhaps what they really need to do is go out and speak with the diverse minorities of our green and pleasant land and give them a chance to do their own thing in the various media areas this summit it will cover.

Leith FM the community radio station of Edinburgh and Leith has had no trouble attracting Polish, Spanish, Arabic and French programming, Google Leith FM to listen live or follow the link below.

And if anyone would rather give the equivalent of their Ethnic Media Summit fee to an organisation that is having no problem engaging with ethnic minorities, as we see them as equals and assets to the radio station, let me know and I’ll ensure your donation goes somewhere it will be used usefully. Leith FM.

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