David Miliband has a pop at brother Ed.

Finally the paper’s have something to write about concerning the Labour Party leadership race. ¬†On the day that ballot papers are sent out to those entitled to vote for the next Labour Party leader, David Miliband has had a veiled poke at his brother Ed in the Times (sorry no point giving you a link as you now have to pay to read the Times online). A very mild rebuke at what he perceives as his brother’s inability to leave the Labour Party comfort zone, at least the rest of the country gets a few column inches out of the media which has been obsessed, and rightly so with the effects of the Tory Lib Dem coalition cuts. But what was yesterday being heralded as a full-blown attack turns out to be a damp squib with no specifics. As usual with this particular leadership battle there is still very little substance to any of the arguments making it incredibly difficult to get a sense of the leadership abilities of any of the candidates.

The Labour Party seems to be struggling at the moment to find anyone either at Westminster or Holyrood who hasn’t had a severe charisma bypass.

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